Two main criteria

When we began to design and develop Headsoptics, we used two fundamentals that both benefits opticians and optical store chains. The first one was our extensive experience from retail in general which means that we understand all the challenges when it comes to procurement, stock holding, sales, POS and, not the least, insights and reporting. The other one is that we have designed and developed our system in close co-operation with demanding customers with the effect that the system is the one that needs to be adjusted to the business instead of the opposite.

Even though our two fundamentals may appear quite general, we guarantee that these fundamentals make a difference when comparing Headsoptics with other systems. However, here are some other, and less general, advantages.

One complete system

Unlike other existing systems, Headsoptics is one complete system, which doesn’t involve separate but connected systems. Even though a user doesn’t experience a difference, there are several advantages e.g. using one central database which enables traceability of all transactions and changes to be made at a single point. Also when it comes to maintenance and upgrades, it’s a huge advantage that not separate systems need to be synchronized and upgraded individually. Read more!

One common article database

In Headsoptics, there is one central article database which means that products and articles are being registered at one single point. Price and other information are maintained at one single point. Central, regional and local price can be used, This is an advantage which saves a lot of times in each store and a less risk of pricing errors. Read more!

Facilitating procurement, receiving goods and purchase prices

Headsoptics handles procurements, receiving goods and updating the store inventory. All these transactions are traceable. The purchase price is therefore, being handled in one single process and updates the store inventory and inventory valuation automatically. When everything in the system is traceable and updated at one single point, it simplifies and speeds up the work regarding procurement and inventory at the store and minimizes the risk for errors.

Complete retail system

The features for retail were in Headsoptics already from the start. We have then added journal and CRM. Therefore Headsoptics comprise powerful features for a store operation. By that we mean – handling products and deliveries from procurement, via inventory and order to POS, sales and customer history.


As one central feature for all store operations, the Headsoptics POS is an important component. Being easy to use, it facilitates the work at the store and creates important and accurate reports and reviews. Read more!

Reporting and reviews

We have spent a lot of efforts to design reports and basic data in order to facilitate reviews and management of operations. We claim that this part of Headsoptics is way ahead. That’s what our customers and users tell us. Read more!