Taking full advantages of new and modern technology

We’re all getting used to the fast pace of innovation and new technology. However, the backbone of many of the retail systems that are currently on the market often doesn’t utilize the latest technology innovations. When we began to design and develop Headsoptics, we knew what we wanted to accomplish. We knew we could utilize the latest technology in order to achieve our goals. We also brought a wealth of experience from our long and extensive work with previous retail systems.

Our objective was simple; To offer the most modern and complete retail system for the optical business. This was achieved by:

  • Utilizing new technology
  • Ensuring that all information and data is presented, and can be followed, in real time
  • Fully designed system for the opticians and optical retail chains
  • Providing a high system availability
  • Ensuring that it is easier to introduce and implement than other systems
  • Providing a capability that is easily expanded with extended requirements and increased sales

Cutting edge technology

Whilst technology development is moving fast, most current systems aren’t able to utilize this new technology. Headsoptics is developed with an in-memory database which enables a much higher speed and performance. Besides a high system performance, the infrastructure can be reduced, which means significant cost savings can be easily achieved.

More information about the in-memory database used in Headsoptics can be found at www.starcounter.com


One truth within retail is that “Retail is detail”. To be able to monitor the flow of stock and articles enables quicker follow-up and more precise order points.

The customer in focus

Most of the current retail systems have evolved from existing accounting or POS (Point of Sale) solutions. Headsoptics has used the most central process of all as its key design feature – customer service!

Usability and intuitively

The users have been in the center when it comes to design, layout and handling. The information is clearly and logically presented and therefore easily understood. The data handling is quick, swift and as intuitive as possible in order to minimize any required training.

Flexible implementation

To implement and introduce a new retail system is often a complex project which causes stress for the organization and is not without risks. In order to prevent this, Headsoptics can easily be implemented in stages using a central integration point when communicating with other systems, thus reducing any risks to a minimum.


Headsoptics require less infrastructure and still provides higher performance than other systems. Therefore the number of stores, clients, POS and customers can grow significantly without affecting the central infrastructure.