Article register, WMS and order handling

The registers for services and products in Headsoptics has been designed in accordance with existing requirements and common practices from within the optical industry. In addition to the basic information that each article need to display, such as name, product group, prices, EAN code, supplier name etc. Additional and special information are also available such as:

  • Lenses – model, coating, finish, material, type, index, color
  • Collet/Sunglasses – brand, model, size, color, material, sex, type
  • Contact lenses – model, material, type, replacement schedule, lens data (sf, cyl, ax, bc, dia, add), package size

Inventory control

Headsoptics is fully equipped for inventory control and since Headsoptics uses one central database for all users and stores, all users can see the stock balance for an article in all stores – and in real time.

All information in one place

On the item card in Headsoptics, all information relevant to the article can be found. Except the standard article information, also prices and price statistics, actual stock balance, sales statistics per day, week, month or quarter and all sales related activities such as receipts, orders, loans, incoming deliveries, returns and adjustments are available.

Item card in Headsoptics