Reporting and insights

Extensive reporting options are a prerequisite for insights, a reliable business review and to be able to effectively manage the chain and all of its stores. The reporting options in Headsoptics are comprehensive. All reports have been designed together with our customers to ensure its usability and reliability. Below is a list of existing reports in Headsoptics including some example layouts.


If these reports aren’t sufficient, no problem! We can design specific reports in our scripting engine without the need to upgrade the system. All reports can be exported to Excel, files or as PDF’s. The reports can also be configured to be performed automatically and scheduled.

Example of KPI report


Where data is transformed into information

Below is a selection of reports included in Headsoptics with a short description.

Store reports

  • Demography – active customers – age distributed
  • Article report – articles in stock relative to sales
  • Lens report – sales of glass lenses, categorized into subgroups
  • Contact lens report – delivered lenses, change frequency and brand divided in user and sales
  • Optician statistics – orders, bookings and revenue – opticians distributed
  • Order report – orders not yet dispensed
  • Financial report – sales figures, designed for accounting
  • Time book report – customers with booked appointments – grouped per optician
  • Article sales – articles sold, grouped in article groups
  • Articles from a specific supplier – articles and orders grouped in article groups
  • Balance report deposits/finance/down payments – balance report for orders not yet dispensed
  • Deposits/down payments – all deposit transactions

Other reports

  • Customers for recall
  • Bifocals sales report – Top level HQ report designed for canvassing
  • Appointment report – Top level HQ report of customers which have had an appointment booked, grouped in all booking types, designed for canvassing and can be age filtered
  • Customers with a journal – Top level HQ report of customers with a journal grouped in all journal types, designed for canvassing and can be age filtered
  • VAT report
  • Sales grouped in article groups
  • Sales grouped in suppliers
  • Total sales report – sales revenue relative to corresponding period within the previous year
  • Sales per day
  • Invoice journal
  • Time book per appointment type
  • Discount causes

Activity report

As all data in Headsoptics is immediately available, an activity report can be produced at any time. The activity report can be filtered to a specific store, a group of stores or even a specific store for a specific time period. This activity report can comprise of all activities in Headsoptics or filtered on any of the different status levels.

  • Order
  • Journal
  • Reminder note
  • Appointment booking
  • Receipt
  • Post letter
  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Loans
  • Clinical document
  • Recall
  • Invoice
  • Subscription account