We’re very proud of our customers and here is a list of some of the companies and institutions running Headsoptics today


HSN (former HBV) is the only university with education available for opticians in Norway. Almost all opticians in Norway have been graduating from here and will be in the future.
In autumn 2015, HSN changed their name from HBV and moved to a new location Krona in Kongsberg Norway. The new location have more than 30 eyesight testing rooms in use for students and education, making it one of the best optical education centers in Europe.
At the same time they started using Headsoptics as their main clinical system in the education.


Headsoptics have been a proud sponsor of the university during this relocation and of course, have our own eyesight testing room at the site. More information about the optometric education at HSN can be found at www.usn.no


Interoptik is a leading optical retail chain in Norway. The majority of the stores are owned by franchisees. The chain revenue exceeds 500 MNOK and is being owned by Synoptik Norway which is owned by Grand Vision, a European giant within the optical business.
Interoptik uses Headsoptics in all stores and has been an important user and requirement influencer for Headsoptics since inception. More information about Interoptik can be found on their website www.interoptik.no (in Norwegian only).


Glasögonmagasinet is a chain with stores mostly located in southern Sweden. Recently they also expanded into northern Sweden. Headsoptics is used in all stores and centrally Glasögonmagasinet executes several marketing campaigns using basic data in Headsoptics from each store in order to maximize the outcome. More information about Glasögonmagasinet can be found on their website www.glasogonmagasinet.se (in Swedish only).


Brilleland is another of Norway’s leading optical retail chains. The stores are 100% owned by Synoptik Norway which is part of the global optical group Grand Vision.
Brilleland started using Headsoptics in their stores in 2015, the whole project from start to finished rollout was completed in less than a year. In this case, we also did a major integration with their ERP system. The software and hardware rollout in 72 stores was done in only 3 months during the spring of 2015. More info about Brilleland can be found on their website www.brilleland.no (Norwegian site).


Alliance Optikk is one of the larger optical retail chains in Norway with 79 stores. We are currently undergoing the installations of Headsoptics for the stores who have chosen to switch their optical system. More information about Alliance Optikk can be found on their website www.allianceoptikk.no (Norwegian site).


Founded in 1877, Krogh Optikk is one of the oldest optical retail chains in Norway with 22 stores and main focus on both product and service quality. Krogh Optikk decided to go for Headsoptics in 2017 and the last installation of Headsoptics was made last fall 2017. More information can be found on their website www.kroghoptikk.no (Norwegian site).


Optikkällaren is an optical retail chain with growth ambition. Their stores are being operated in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. More information about Optikkällaren can be found on their website www.optikkallaren.se (in Swedish only).


iC – Optical Group is a growing group of independent opticians with currently 24 stores. We are currently undergoing the installations of Headsoptics. More information about iC Optical Group can be found on their website www.icopticalgroup.no (Norwegian site).

Other chains using Headsoptics: