The best POS there is

Headsoptics have all the required features for a modern and easy to use point of sale. Here are some of the features included:

  • Discount on item level and discount factor
  • Customer specific sale
  • Combination of multiple tenders in the same sale – including invoicing
  • Invoicing
  • Lending
  • Repurchase / item returns
  • Hot keys for articles
  • Bank terminal integration

Functional and easy to use

We have made extra efforts when it comes to checkout and POS, with the purpose that the software shall be as easy as possible to use. One example is that the most common POS functions can be configured for, and used on, a touchscreen. It’s also in the POS that the traceability of all assets is being accomplished. E.g. where a sales transaction is connected to a specific customer and an activity history is built up for each customer. Another example is that multiple orders can be combined in one single sales transaction, but still be able to follow up individually.

Reports and follow-up

The reporting options from POS are extensive and create an invaluable material for follow-up and management of the entire chain, groups of stores, as well as individual stores. This is one of the most powerful parts of Headsoptics and you can read more about reports and statistics here!


Headsoptics POS meets the Swedish Tax Administration’s regulations and requirements for cash register together with a control unit. Headsoptics POS also complies with the requirements and regulations regarding cash registers from the Norwegian Tax Administration.