We at Headsoptics is ProOptics AS in Norway and Heads Sweden AB. We have long and extensive experience from IT development for the retail business and we’ve been following the technology development very closely. Together we got the opportunity with a couple of demanding customers to design and develop completely new software for opticians and optical retail chains.

We found out that the majority of existing systems and software didn’t utilize the recent and fast technology evolution. We knew what we wanted to accomplish and we could use new cutting edge technology to its full potential in order to achieve our objectives.
Our mission was to offer the most up-to-date software on the market especially designed for the optical industry throughout…

  • Utilize new cutting edge technology to its full potential
  • Explore and monitor all data and information in real time
  • Use the optician requirements as a starting point
  • Design user-friendly interface and intuitive methodology
  • Easier and swifter implementation compared to existing software
  • Built-in scalability for higher demands and increased sales