From appointment to recall

Headsoptics is a complete software package, designed and developed together with leading optical retail chains and designed to give opticians and optical retail chains several business advantages:

  • More customers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer revenue
  • Increased revenue without an extra effort
  • Less administration overhead and reducing the costs to serve customers
  • More secure deliveries
  • Decreased stock-keeping overheads
  • Considerable insights, review, control and monitoring capabilities

More customers

An easy-to-use and quicker booking process combined with a staffing plan will ensure an increase in customer appointments and, not least, in recurring appointments and customer satisfaction. Reminders via SMS reduce cancellations. We also provide multiple opportunities for canvassing. Read more!

Increased customer satisfaction

Customer dialogue and information being sent via SMS and e-mail for both orders and recall information, ensure customers’ needs are fully met, and at any time, customers can reply and send SMS messages which will be handled in the store where the specific customer is registered. Automatic recall creates a continuous contact and ensures a better relationship with the customer combined with an unparalleled service ratio. Read more!

Increased customer revenue

Full control of stock-keeping using built-in features to create central and local campaigns provides additional opportunities for increased sales on the existing customer base. Read more!

Increased revenue without an extra effort

Customer experiences show that the Headsoptics ARM (Automatic Recall Module) can increase revenue by 5 and 10 % without any extra effort required by staff. Simply by automatically suggesting and booking customer appointments via SMS function. Read more!

Less administration overhead

A fully integrated time book creates an excellent overview of all available resources and booking capacity. Software integrations with suppliers make it easy to place orders without manual handling. Deliveries automatically update the store inventory and are fully traceable with the underlying order.

More secure and precise deliveries

Seamless software integrations, even utilizing a third party interface, attaching journal data all the way to the supplier. Ensuring secure and validated deliveries for customers are achieved.

Decreased stock-keeping

Everything, all data and all information, are instantly traceable in Headsoptics, including stock balance at the local store, stores in the region and centrally.

Excellent follow-up and control

Powerful reporting tools are another key feature in Headsoptics where we have included several preconfigured reports from the start. One example is the KPI report where the local store is compared to the entire chain or groups of stores of your choice. The report is produced with figures whilst utilizing different colors, which provides an immediate visual interpretation of the current situation and the trends within seconds. Read more!