ARM – Automatic Recall Management

A key business challenge for all opticians and optical stores is repeat business and to ensure their existing customers come back for regular eye exams and lens control. This will strengthen the relationship and thereby the customer loyalty to the store and to the retail brand. Headsoptics is a complete software package with a central server and a central database. These features give us important benefits when we developed a new and advanced module for automatic recalls of existing customers – Automatic Recall Management. Headsoptics automatically sends pre-booked times via SMS, receives an answer and books an appointment without any additional manual work by the opticians.

This is how it works

  1. Headsoptics initiate an automatic reminder and recall process
  2. Monthly, Headsoptics perform an overview of existing customers who have bought glasses 24 months previously and contact lenses 12 months previously.
  3. Headsoptics suggests appointments to these customers within 7 to 35 days.
  4. Appointments are then automatically, but provisionally, pre-booked in the appointment diary. At a time similar to the customer’s last appointment.
  5. The customer receives 3 appointment options via SMS and has two options; choose one of the appointments suggested by just answering A, B or C – or – answer N to get 3 more suggestions.
  6. If the customer doesn’t respond within 48 hours, the provisional pre-bookings in the appointment diary are simply cleared.
  7. When the customer chooses one of the suggested appointments, the unused suggestions are also made available for booking again.
  8. Headsoptics facilitates customer’s preference too. E.g. booking an appointment with a preferred optician.
  9. Each store can independently decide the quantity of appointments within the diary that will be allocated for ARM so that the remainder of the time book can be used as efficient and profitable as possible.
  10. If the customer doesn’t respond to the reminder, Headsoptics can re-activate the process any number times depending on system setup. E.g. automatically after 2 weeks and then again after 12 months.


No customer is forgotten

Headsoptics ARM keeps track of customer who doesn’t respond so that they will be offered a new appointment. What’s important is that the system will not forget any customer and it automatically keeps the customer relationship alive. From our existing customers, we know that it pays off. When we compare stores running Headsoptics ARM with those who don’t, the revenue growth is marked. In addition, this extra business comes with less staff resources.

Increased customer service and more satisfied customers

Our experience from stores using Headsoptics ARM shows that customer experience a higher level of service from the optician by the attention given and by the swift booking procedure. All of this makes it easy for a customer to book an appointment. This increases the customer loyalty to the optician, the store, the brand and the optical store chain.

Proven numbers

These are real figures comparing sales growth for stores using/not using ARM.
ARM Eye exams: 14 % (without ARM 6 %)
ARM CL Control: 8 % (without ARM 1 %)

Reports for canvassing

Because all activities in Headsoptics are connected to each other, the possibilities to combine data in report format and then using that data in upcoming canvassing are endless.

Because all your customer data is stored in one central database, it’s easy to retract information for both local and central campaigns. Today, Headsoptics co-operate with ad agencies specialized in campaigns and marketing for the optical business and can help customize selections and reports for specific purposes.