Appointment booking and staffing plan

It goes without saying, that the work diary is an important part of any software package for opticians. In Headsoptics the appointment diary is fully integrated with customers, opticians, competences, examination rooms and staff planning. The seamless integration includes automatic recall and integrated online booking on the website.
For profitability and effectiveness, it is important to keep cancellations and missed appointments as low as possible. In Headsoptics, confirmations and reminders via SMS are included, to help achieve this.

In Headsoptics, we’ve also included a staffing plan where customized templates can be created in order to simplify and rationalize the entire booking process.

Time book in Headsopticstime_book_large-size


Staff planning in Headsopticsstaff_plan_xl


Headsoptics appointment diary

The appointment diary in Headsoptics gives an excellent and clear overview of the day’s activities and bookings. It can have either opticians or examination rooms as the focus for a starting point. Depending on the user rights, appointments can even be seen and booked in other stores within the chain. The background color shows if the optician, or the examination room, is available for an appointment or not.
It’s quick and easy to book an appointment. Just clicking on the desired time in the calendar and then adding the customer, utilizing the search function in the customer list. If however, it’s a new customer, adding the customer to the customer list can be done simply within the appointment diary, without the need to leave the current section.
When the appointment is booked, the customer immediately receives a confirmation via SMS. A further automatic SMS reminder is sent some time before the appointment.

Online booking

Online booking is becoming a more important method of making appointments for eye exams and lens control. To be as efficient and customer friendly as possible, it must be fully synchronized with the appointment diary in all stores, so the customer can conveniently choose time and place.
To coordinate and synchronize the appointment diaries for the entire chain can be quite complicated and often unreliable. Not with Headsoptics, which, in contrast to other software, uses a central server where all appointment diaries are located and fully updated – all the time – in real time. To integrate online booking with Headsoptics is, therefore, simple and with the real-time aspect – it delivers excellent customer service.