Ny førerkortattest (Norway only)

Fra 1. oktober 2016 innførte Helsedirektoratet i Norge nye helsekrav til førerkort. Dette innebærer også en ny – mer avansert førerkortattest ble innført. Headsoptics har nå implementert støtte for denne og du kan dermed registrere denne førerkortattesten knyttet til en synsprøve fra Headsoptics. PDF skjema fylles ut automatisk og Headsoptics tar vare på verdiene du… Read More

New CMO and KAM to join ProOptics

ProOptics are delighted to announce that they have hired Daniel Maurer in the role of Marketing and Account Manager for the Nordic regions. After working operationally and strategically in software companies for over 15 years, he has a strong background from both small and medium-sized software companies. During this time, he has focused on roles… Read More

Standardized XML interchange format

Headsoptics has now developed a standardized XML interchange format that allows Headsoptics to exchange data with other systems in a store chain. This may provide key data to accounting, sales data for analysis in data warehouses and BI and management reports amongst other. The exchange can be set up to execute fully automatically.

What is ARM?

Well – let’s start with another question; How can IT help you get more customers into the store by filling up the appointment book? We’ve tried and the only complaint we hear is that the appointment book is full. We all know that it’s easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Therefore,… Read More