A complete software solution for the entire chain

Headsoptics is a complete software solution for opticians and optical retail chains, no matter if it’s 5 stores in one city or hundreds of stores countrywide. Headsoptics handles all processes in your business and lets you focus on the relationship with your customers, patients and suppliers. The only thing you need to add is book-keeping.

From appointment to recall

Headsoptics is designed to manage the most central business process for all opticians – customer service – from appointments, through an exam, order, storage, dispense, POS, campaigns to recall.

Designed by optical retail chains for optical retail chains

Today, there are lots of software for the optical industry only focusing on store operations for individual stores. However, software for retail chains requires a completely different system structure when it comes to performance, stability, integrity, price determination, stock management, procurements and traceability. We had the privilege to have some optical retail chains as early adopters of our software who had an extensive specification of requirements, aspects and desires. Thereby, Headsoptics is developed to comprise the full business process in all stores constellations, from a single store to the retail chain and also in the store constellation consists of proprietary stores, franchise or a combination of these.

Traditional retail chain software requires an extensive set of servers

Traditionally software for retail chains requires an extensive infrastructure with both store servers and specific servers for specific tasks. All these servers also need to be integrated and connected which means that data needs to be moved in several steps in order to consolidate and aggregate outcome data and reports. It takes times, often it can only be done once a day or during the night. It can be impossible to get actual stock balance, hourly sales statistics during the day, book an appointment in another store in real time or review sales for other than the local store.

It can look like this


Headsoptics is the Worlds most up to date optical software and offers unique business advantages for your business

When we designed and developed Headsoptics, we wanted to explore and use new technology in a smart way and at the same time utilize the fact that modern hardware is much more powerful. That’s why Headsoptics can use one central server only and one key component is the in-memory database which in running directly in the server’s RAM.

The infrastructure with Headsoptics


Unique advantages

With one central server and the in-memory database, Headsoptics is able to offer several unique and powerful advantages and competitiveness. Here are some of the benefits an optical retail chain can obtain with Headsoptics.

Higher performance

Headsoptics is designed and developed for new technology and uses one central server with a very powerful in-memory database which enables real-time insights and traceability of all transactions and activities.

Full traceability in real time

Headsoptics uses an object model and can, therefore, handle all system data in its components. With this object model, all data are connected to each other which make it possible not only to review the profitability for the entire chain but also the profitability of each customer, article, service, store etc.


Since Headsoptics handles the stock balance, store traffic, marketing activities, prices, sales and customer behavior in real time, both the local store and the entire chain can do calculations and manage towards an optimal combination of products, quantities and prices.

User friendly

All software needs to be designed for its users. The development of Headsoptics has from the start involved users and they have had a large influence on layout, methodology, dialogues, colourway, selections and reporting.


Headsoptics needs only one server and one database centrally at the HQ and countrywide clients and POS connects directly to this central server. HQ functionality gets a new meaning when the software works with real-time data and therefore has all the latest data and information from all stores, all the time. This also means decreased investments and related costs for the infrastructure. Often, the infrastructure can be only half or even less with Headsoptics compared to other software.

Phased implementation

To implement new business software is often a very complicated project since it has to be done during an ongoing business operation. When we designed Headsoptics, we realized that we needed to design the system in order to ease the implementation. With Headsoptics, the implementation can be implemented and introduced according to the pace of your choice, region by region, store by store.

Swift upgrades

Headsoptics develops continuously and when the central server is upgraded, all clients will also be upgraded automatically. The upgrades are smooth and easy without interfering or interrupting the ongoing business. Also, there is no risk that different stores or clients are running different versions of the software.

Focus on your customers

Headsoptics is designed to manage the most central business process for all opticians – customer service – from appointments, through an exam, order, storage, dispense, POS, campaigns to recall. No compromises have been made in order to make this process as easy, streamlined, effective and lucid as possible.


With one central server, higher performance and the absence of a traditional infrastructure, Headsoptics are more scalable than comparable software. Adding clients, POS, departments, users, stores or even chains can be done without effect on the infrastructure, besides the local store clients. When the infrastructure is kept at a minimum, scaling down the software (e.g. closing or relocate stores) is not associated with large costs such as writes off for servers that no longer shall be used.