a225546d-40fc-4ec2-89b7-b3cc88773cb1-1ProOptics are delighted to announce that they have hired Daniel Maurer in the role of Marketing and Account Manager for the Nordic regions. After working operationally and strategically in software companies for over 15 years, he has a strong background from both small and medium-sized software companies. During this time, he has focused on roles within sales and marketing and more recently he was the CEO at op5.

Through Daniels previous work as marketing and sales manager with Heads of Sweden, he brings onboard significant experience from both; the retail and optics industry. He has also built a strong relationship with many familiar optics key players, including; Gekas in Ullared, Glasögonmagasinet in Sweden and Interoptik in Norway.

– Daniel is going to utilize and build upon his significant experience and is an important asset for ProOptics in the current situation. With demand for our optician business system and its associated services being in high demand, he will continue to ensure it prospers and will continue to build upon its many strengths.
“We at ProOptics have a continual ambition ‘to offer the market a superior, world-class system for optical chains and to continue to expand our customer base in the Nordic region and Europe”, says Eirik Strømsnes, CEO of ProOptics AS

ProOptics is not content to sit on its already significant successes but is now also focusing on increasing company resources and the further development and improvement of the current solution. This includes a brand new development team in both Serbia and China, in order to meet the optics industry ever increasing requirements for systems. A system that will manage monitoring in real time, help increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and not least increase profitability. While at the same time ensuring that the requirements for clinical systems are completely safeguarded.
We aim to continue to be a leading system supplier for optical chains and will continue to contribute to our customers’ success.