Well – let’s start with another question; How can IT help you get more customers into the store by filling up the appointment book? We’ve tried and the only complaint we hear is that the appointment book is full.

We all know that it’s easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Therefore, it is important to take good care of existing customers. Here is where ARM comes to the rescue because ARM is short for Automatic Recall Management.

Previously it has been time-consuming to recall eyeglass and lens customers for new visual tests and inspections. Some send letters or SMS that it is time to take a new vision test and other are calling their customers to make an appointment. There is no doubt that the last option is the most effective way to get the customer back into the store. But it also takes the most time.

Can your customers reply to text messages your system sends out? Can you have a dialogue with your customers by SMS?

It was when we introduced the feature for customers to reply all the SMS that the ability to automate the notices were opened.

We started by analyzing whether there was any pattern to when customers booked their hours, and we found it. We would not use this to assign just one appointment and hope that customers accepted this. No, ARM sends three alternative hours to the customer. Meanwhile, we refer to when they were last in control and that it is now time for a new appointment.

It is the customer who chooses whether he/she would book one of the options, exposing hour or get new options.

And all this is done automatically, while you can concentrate on more important things!

Beautiful and brilliant! Read more about ARM here!